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Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency Seminar

Join us as we explain the world's first fully licensed crypto bank along with the global gold payment system known as the KaratGold Ecosystem.

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SuccessGroup SLC Offices
1636 South Pioneer Road (2700 west)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84104
Every Tuesday and Wednesday @6:30PM
Information That Can Change Your Life

Join us as we introduce the KaratCoinBank World ecosystem, an innovative and groundbreaking global gold payment system. The meeting will be held in the the SuccessGroup SLC Offices in Salt Lake City.

The current conservative banking system is over-regulated, outdated, slow, costly and extremely burdensome. It is inadequate for servicing the cryptocurrency industry and its stakeholders as a viable means of payment. 

Through the KaratCoinBank World ecosystem, KaratCoinBank offers the advantages of a fully-integrated banking & finance system that meets all needs of the cryptocurrency community. The KaratGold Ecosystem includes the Karatbit cryptocurrency exchange, the Karatpay payment system, blockchain based smartphones, proprietary ATMs, and much more. 

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Learn how you can get involved on the ground floor of a ground-breaking new exchange and payment system. The KaratGold Ecosystem is the world's first global gold-backed exchange system, and the features allow for a seemless transition from the current monetary system. 

Come find out how you can benefit from this coming paradigm shift and secure a huge return on the KBC and KCB cryptocurrencies from KaratCoin Bank. There is the potential to increase your money by more than 3000% in just seven months!

We invite you to join us as we show you how to ride this wave of change and position yourself to take advantage of the largest transfer of wealth in the history of mankind.

KaratCoin Bank's Revolutionary Payment System

About SuccessGroupSLC

What is SuccessGroupSLC?

SuccessGroupSLC is an organization founded by father and son Russ and Jaison Jensen. We founded SuccessGroup so that we could provide support, tools, mentoring, and business acumen to the many people who are searching for a way to secure their financial freedom and security. Our main focus is on assisting people in building Karatbars/KaratCoinBank businesses that provide lasting, residual income. Our mission is to help people find financial freedom as well as time freedom by combining new technologies, personal development, and time tested methods of payment.

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Past Events

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