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SuccessGroup SLC

Global Gold Payment System Seminar

Every Tuesday and Wednesday @ 6:30 pm


KaratCoin Bank is a revolution.

The world's first blockchain-based and gold-backed Crypto Bank.

The current conservative banking system is over-regulated, outdated, slow, costly and extremely burdensome. It is inadequate for servicing the cryptocurrency industry and its stakeholders as a viable means of payment.

Through the KaratCoinBank World ecosystem, KaratCoinBank offers the advantages of a fully-integrated banking & finance system that meets all needs of the cryptocurrency community.

The Karatgold Ecosystem includes the Karatbit cryptocurrency exchange, the Karatpay payment system, blockchain via smartphone, our own ATMs worldwide and more.

SuccessGroup SLC is proud to present our "Global Gold Payment System Seminar". This seminar will be held every Tuesday and Wednesday at 6:30pm at our offices at 1636 South Pioneer Road (2700 west), Salt Lake City, UT 84104. RSVP below or click the "Learn More" button for more information.

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Karatbars/Karatbank: A Global Phenomenon

KaratCoinBank Countries-Affiliates-Capit

Karatbars is in over 120 countries around the globe, with more than 500,000 partners and customers. Karatbars has developed the Karatgold Ecosystem, the world's first global gold-backed payment system.

In partnership with KaratCoin Bank, Karatbars is introducing ATM's, blockchain-based smartphones, CashGold notes and K-Exchanges, Karatgold Coins (KBC), Karatcoinbank Coins (KCB), and more. These elements all cooperate with one another to create a payment system that is entirely backed by gold. 

Those who are interested in becoming partners will be able to benefit from the unique compensation plans, including residual income from fees generated by the KBC-KCB-Gold transaction network. Click the button below to register your FREE ACCOUNT now.

SuccessGroup SLC has partnered with Karatbars and KaratCoin Bank to help spread the revolutionary vision of a financial system backed entirely by gold. We have put together a meeting in Salt Lake City, Utah to talk about the GLOBAL GOLD PAYMENT SYSTEM. We will cover everything from Karatbars products like the Classic cards, CashGold notes, and specialty cards, to the revolutionary Karatbank "cryptonized gold" products like the Karatgold Coin (KBC) and Karatcoinbank Coin (KCB). 

For more specific information on the Karatgold Coin (KBC) and the Karatcoinbank Coin (KCB):

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Kc Bank 5-x.PNG

The first edition of "Gold Standard Bank" Magazine is out now. Click the button below to download the full digital magazine.

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