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Home Business Tax Savings

Dr. Ron Mueller #1 leading authority of Home Business Tax Breaks and Best Selling Author lives on his yacht named "Home Office" in the beautiful, San Diego, California. Dr. Mueller thrives off knowledge and is continually searching to learn something new. One of Dr. Mueller's favorite quotes, is, "Greatest success comes not from the answers you have, but from the questions you ask.".

Ron Mueller, now widely recognized as THE expert in this category, travels throughout the United States introducing audiences of entrepreneurs and small business owners to huge tax breaks they never knew existed – tax breaks that will save them each, on average, at least $5,000 in taxes every year. When Ron delivers a keynote address to entrepreneurs, the tax savings, collectively, will average $5 million for every 1,000 taxpayers in the audience.

For those in network marketing (the single largest category of home-based business) there is an extra bonus. Ron Mueller’s presentation also shows audience members how to use the information he presents to quickly accelerate their recruiting, to dramatically improve their closing ratios, and to significantly stabilize member retention. “When people understand the huge tax benefits of having their own successful business it takes on a very high priority.”

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