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Help Us In Our Quest To Liberate Liberia

SuccessGroup is dedicated to helping the people of Liberia to regain control of the country's monetary system. Our team is here to educate and support the Liberians on their journey to financial freedom and security. 

By registering for a FREE account you are helping us show Karatbars and Karatbank that there is an enormous amount of interest to bring the KB Universe to the great country of Liberia. We want to get as many registrations as possible so that we can begin to secure your financial futures!

Karatbars Mission Statement - 2019

Introducing the KaratGold Ecosystem, a payment and exchange system backed entirely by gold.

Karatbars International is the #1 company in the world for producing and selling pure gold bullion in small increments. Founded in 2011, Karatbars has partnerships with major companies such as MasterCard, FedEx, and Moto GP. With over 500,000 affiliates and customers in 120+ countries, Karatbars is truly a global phenomenon. 

Karatbars CEO, Founder, and Visionary Mr. Harald Seiz has a mission statement that illustrates his commitment to ushering in a new payment and exchange system built for the benefit of the 99%. 

“My mission is to produce the highest quality gold available in the market make it easily accessible to the masses of honest people around the world at a price point everyone can afford his goal is the karatbars helps millions find financial freedom from the current system of debt.” - Harald Seiz


Please click the button below to register your FREE Karatbars account and start sharing information today!

God, Gold, Financial Freedom

The goal of SuccessGroupSLC is to bring Karatbars, Karatbank, and the KB Universe to the hardworking masses of the world. To do this we need to get as many people registered with FREE accounts, and then have those people sharing information and registering as many people as they can. If each person registers for a FREE account, and gets five others to register a FREE account we will have thousands of registrations within a few weeks. 

The more people we can sign up for FREE the more traction we get for opening the country to all business activities with Karatbars and Karatbank. You can begin to secure your financial future and security right now by registering for a FREE account and sharing this information with everyone you can think of. Click the link below to sign up for FREE.

Reverend Murphy T. Jackson


Rev. Murphy T. Jackson is the "man on the ground" for SuccessGroup and Karatbars International in Liberia. Rev. Jackson is 41 years old from Rivercess County, Liberia and currently resides in Grand Bassa County. He is an active overseer, founder/senior pastor of the Christ Celebration Church. He currently runs an almost tuition-free bible college and is the focus person in Liberia for SuccessGroup in partnership with Karatbars International.

Before serving as the focus person for SuccessGroup/Karatbars, Rev. Jackson served as executive director and founder of Liberian Youth for Unity (LYFU) Inc. He also served as human rights monitor, voluntarily using United for Human Rights education tools to educate citizens about their rights, especially the 30 Rights of Humans (U.N.). Rev. Jackson is passionate about human rights education, especially their well being. He plans to offer human rights courses at the newly established almost tuition-free bible college in Buchanan City in the near future. 

"Every citizen needs to know their rights." - Rev. Murphy T. Jackson

As a Founder and Executive Director of the Liberian Youth For Unity (LYFU) Inc., a non for profit youth serving organization in Liberia, Rev. Jackson is passionate about helping less fortunate people and people from low income families. Growing up in a low income family himself, Rev. Murphy T. Jackson learned how to advocate and help improve the lives of people, giving them medical care through the Christian aid ministry medical program including caring for all people. Rev. Jackson got his passion for caring from his grandmother Anna Yaryeneh in Rivercess County, Liberia, West Africa. 

At the age of 19 he was able to apply these skills working with churches (the United Methodist, African Christian Fellowship International, Light House Ministry of Jesus) as a key player in leading young people in the area of leadership development. Rev. Jackson later perfected his youth serving skills through leadership development training at Young African Leaders Institute, Christian Leaders Training International, Christian Leader Institute, Bible University, Amercing Facts Bible University, and Go International where he attained certificates and degrees in leadership and theology. 

Rev. Murphy T, Jackson also studied Management and Public Administration at Grand Bassa Community College and later got a scholarship with the Great Commission Bible College USA where he graduated with a Master's Degree in Ministry. 

At low tuition bible school he opened recently he teaches young and elderly people his leadership, business, and biblical skills. Rev. Jackson established a church with a ministry, Global Christian Fellowship Ministries, where he oversees operations. 

Over the course of seven years through his ministry Rev. Murphy T. Jackson has helped more than 500 church leaders to receive biblical training and materials in order to carry the great commission. In 2018 Rev. Jackson established a children assistance and small micro loan initiative to help women get more involved in small business. Rev. Jackson is also involved in small business management training among young business women and elderly women to create their own small fund savings and management projects and related community development projects.

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