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Karatbars: A Global Phenomenon

Founded in 2011 by Senator Harald Seiz,  Karatbars International makes gold ownership possible for everyone in a safe, convenient, affordable way. This is achieved though a wide range of low cost, physical 24kt, 999.9 gold bullion products and digitised gold in the form of cashgold and cryptocurrency. 

One gram of physical 24kt, 999.9 gold bullion from an LBMA accredited refinery, with numerous fraud preventing security features costs just €39 / £35 / $45 with free storage and/or Fedex delivery to 120+ countries! 

Karatbars have also developed a system which allows any online/offline person or business the chance to exchange their gold or accept gold as payment. (Physically as cashgold or digitally via the Karatpay app).

Karatpay System Image.jpg

What do you do with the gold once you have it?

Gold has increased in value against most currencies by around 10% year for the past fifty years. Here are the actual figures for the past sixteen years. 

GoldPrice Chart.png

A 9.3% average against The Dollar or 11.1% if you are buying in GBP! As you can see in 2018 the market price for gold has dropped little so now is the time to buy! It is the January sales in terms of purchasing gold.

So why don’t we all save in gold? 

The simple answer is that governments/banks don’t want you to know about gold! The reason is, and you may be surprised to learn, that 58% of all the worlds gold is held by central banks! (That’s the official figures). Banks and governments have been scaring the public away from gold for decades. 



Think about how much you were taught about gold in school. Think about who decides what we are taught in school.

Think about how we are taught to go to university, (debt), get a credit score, (debt), buy a car, (debt), get a mortgage, (debt). get a good job, (pay more tax). If you are lucky enough to get to retirement age and die you get to give away most of your house again in inheritance tax! That is our system! 

Now think about who benefits from all this debt and tax. If you join the dots its not hard to work out why we were never taught about saving and gold in school. 

Banks/Governments buy the gold and earn 11% a year and give you 1% on your savings if you are lucky! The moral of this story is that you should do what the banks do and not what they say! Paper money decreases in value every year and that’s what the banks want us to have. An evaporating asset, not an appreciating asset. 

Karatbars International Is The Solution.


Customers can buy the best grade of gold in a convenient format as and when they wish. They can keep it digitally, stored for free, have it delivered or use it to pay other people or businesses. The public now have an option to save and pay in gold and remove themselves from banks completely.

Should you want to turn your gold back into currency you can do this at any time using the new online exchange or at a local Karatbars K-Exchange partnering business.

It gets better 

Karatbars has released a cryptocurrency which can be exchanged for Karatbars gold, fiat currencies or other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin! The unique feature of the Karatgold Coin, KBC, is that each coin is being backed by physical gold which is in a vault in Hong Kong.

The first 135kg of gold was deposited in September 2018. Watch the video HERE

KBC really is the “The Gold Standard In Cryptocurrency” 

Karatgold Coin
Having completed one of the most successful ICO’s of all time, (raising over $100 Million), the Karatgold coin, (KBC), is live on exchanges such as Yobit and is trading at over three times its initial cost.

This short video explains more about the Karatgold coin KBC, The Karatbank coin (KCB) and the plans for the future.

So you really have the best of both worlds with Karatbars. Save and pay using physical gold which is inflation proof or use the new KBC coin which has the further safety of blockchain technology. The new global currency solution has arrived.

Get involved

If your interest is in the cryptocurrency side of the business and wish to buy KBC/KCB coins register on the Karatgold website HERE

If your interest is in physical gold deliveries or other physical gold products register as a Karatbars customer / business partner HERE

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