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Gold Standard Bank

MAINNET Node Ownership

The "MAINNET" blockchain protocol developed by Gold Standard is the backbone of the "KB Universe", the world's first gold-backed payment and exchange system. The "KB Universe" combines modern technology such as smartphones and cryptocurrency with the value stability of gold. 

Only a few months are left before the global release of the proprietary blockchain protocol known as "MAINNET". In order to build the infrastructure necessary to bring this revolutionary payment system to the world, Gold Standard Bank, in partnership with Karatbars and KaratCoin Bank, needs to establish the network of "nodes" used to validate and verify transactions on the "MAINNET". 

Master Node Title Page.png
MAINNET Blockchain Node Network.png

The picture on the left is an illustration of the MAINNET network.


The MAINNET is decentralized over a network of “nodes”. These nodes are used for various functions, the "Full Nodes" download every block and transaction to check them against the MAINNET consensus rules. A Full Node will reject blocks and transactions that violate the consensus rules.


"Master Nodes" operate the same as Full Nodes as well as performing some additional functions. A few of these functions include:

  • Increasing privacy of transactions

  • Performing instant transactions

  • Each Master Node participates in governance and voting for the implementation of network changes

  • Enables budgeting and treasury system on the MAINNET

Flow Chart For Gold in the KB Universe

KaratCoinBank World Hard Structure.png

Gold-Backed Payments Chart

MAINNET Payment Flow Chart.png

A total of 1,100 nodes are available to those that wish to participate and profit from the spread of this revolutionary payment and exchange system.

Owning a node in the MAINNET requires a certain number of KaratCoinBank Coins deposited and left untouched as "proof-of-stake" in the system. A "Full Node" requires 3,000,000 KCB and a "Master Node" requires 1,000,000 KCB.

100 "Full Nodes" are available that offer 24.91% to 55.81% Annual ROI, paid out weekly. The cost to purchase the required KCB is $228,000 - $571,000 (depending on the time of purchase).


1000 "Master Nodes" are available that offer 17.37% to 27.32% Annual ROI, paid out weekly in KCB. The cost to purchase the required KCB is $96,900 - $171,000 (depending on the time of purchase).


Discounts per KCB are offered, with the cost per coin increasing on the 15th of each month until the final price of €0.14/KCB on July 15th, 2019. For more info, see this link: "KCB and Profit Packages Bonus Reduction Details".

Review the below documents for further explanation of the cryptocurrencies and Gold Standard Bank.

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