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Tools Available for SuccessGroup Team Members

Replicated Pages

SuccessGroupSLC has created several Personalized Landing Pages to help you grow your business and convert traffic into referrals immediately. These pages will introduce your audience to the Karatbars/Karatbank Opportunity and Products and each page is geared specifically for one of three interests: Cryptocurrencies (KCB and KBC), Gold Products, and the Karatbars Business Opportunity.

Cryptocurrency Page

CryptoCoinInfo KCB-KBC Replicated Page S

Gold Products Page

PaperTo24kGold Product Replicated Page S

Karatbars BizOp Page

SuccessGroup BizOp Replicated Page Scree

If you would like your very own replicated page(s), please send an email to with your username and the page type(s) you would like. We will get back to you in 48-72 hours.

"How To" Videos

The SuccessGroup "How To" Videos are designed to teach you everything you need to know about building your Karatbars business from the ground up. Our short, yet comprehensive video course will teach you the skills you need to effectively grow a global organization. Our mission is to help all of our team members achieve financial and time freedom by sharing the visionary mission of Karatbars and KaratCoinBank. Here at SuccessGroup we succeed when you succeed. Use the "Tools" menu option at the top of the page to get to the "How To" Videos page, or click the link here.

Social Media Content

Our leadership team has built a "Social Media Content" folder that you can draw from in order to share information and advertise your business. Combined with the "How To" Videos you will learn how to grow your business by leveraging the internet and the power of social media. We have put together a one week "Fast Track Program" that will jump-start your organization and get you familiarized with sharing information. Use the "Tools" menu option at the top of the page to get to the "Social Media Content" page, or click the link here.

Third-Party Business Tools

SuccessGroupSLC has partnered with several third-party providers to benefits our team, and grow the organizations of our team members. These tools are free to signup and use. If you would like to leverage technology and pre-made tools to maximize your health, wealth, and personal growth please use the "Tools" menu option at the top of the page to get to the "Additional Business Resources" page click the link here.


Disclosure: we have affiliate partnerships with these companies/websites.

Plug In and Get Connected

Be sure to subscribe to the KaratCrypto Team Newsletter produced by Karatbars Leader Brian McGinty. Brian has over 20,000 customers and affiliates in 100+ countries. His newsletter is an excellent source for tools, tips to grow your business, and Karatbars updates.


Click here and like the Official Karatbars International Facebook Page. Check the page regularly for updates and company news. 

Click here to visit the SuccessGroupSLC Karatbars page. We are constantly adding content and videos to our page for you to share and promote your business.

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